“The Truths of The Times”


“The Truths of The Times”

“The Truths of The Times”

The great English writer William Shakespeare says “cowards die many times before their deaths and I say fear not death because we are all mortal beings and we are bound to die sooner or later and to render to the Supreme God an accountability of our deeds and misdeeds.

Southern Cameroonians have the same right like kings and princes to live in their own nation as ordained by God whether or not la République du Cameroun France and Britain like it. God knows all the Nations and their citizens and the evils going on.

Despite the genocide going on in Southern Cameroons, what has to be must be. We are all children of the universe with the in alienable right to live and in peace not in war. Let us therefore as God’s People live in peace and let others live, same to Nations of the world.

Southern Cameroonians cannot beg people who were also created like them and made nations like them to allow them live. This will be worshipping them instead of worshipping reserved uniquely for God and neither for man or for Nations.

To have the folly of destroying God ‘s people in an inglorious War is igniting God “s wrath. The biblical story of Cain Who killed his brother Abel and had the consequence is a good example.

Why did the world reproach Adolf Hitler for causing WWI and WWII while today would not reproach those Nations that wear cloaks of Christianity and cause genocide on God ‘s People either directly or indirectly.

The world should not be funny. Humanity is One Just as God is One and a single stream created in God’s divine image flowing back to him. When a man dictates the deaths of others, then such becomes a self proclaimed god and an enemy of God.

Those that sow the seeds of war will in the end harvest the seeds of war and the bullets they used to kill innocent people will return to them whereas those that sow the seeds of love and peace in the world will harvest same and that is how justice works and justice is unquestionable. And who is justice?  Non but the Supreme God.

Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph. D

The writer is a Southern Cameroonian author and an international laureate poet and a distinguished member of the international Society of poets  published both in print and in the sound by the National Library of poetry  Washington  DC.

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