Independence Day Celebrations


Independence Day Celebrations

An Address by Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami, The National Chairman Of The Southern Cameroons National Council To Southern Cameroonians At Home And In The Diaspora On The Occasion Of The 58th Independence Day.

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, It is sad that I am addressing u at a time that genocide is going on in our country caused by President Paul Biya of La République du Cameroun in complicity with the French. It is a shameful and unjustified war that goes to kill innocent citizens, children, the youths, women and men of old age. It goes to an extend of burning down houses of more than seventy towns in our country and has frustrated the masses into taking shelter either in the bushes or in refugee camps in neighbourly Nigeria. We vehemently condemn la République du Cameroun and France for treating us that way to the eyes of silent and unconcerned United Nations and the giant Nations of the world that even voted for our independence and Can not now back their votes. However ,our right as a nation is divine and we must defend it stoically. We thank the youths Who have taken upon themselves to defend the nation do or die for their own good and that of posterity. We strongly condemn traitors and boot lickers. When God created people he gives their own Nation and their natural boundaries and their ways of doing things. Our ways are gentlemanly and their ways are diabolical and these two run on parallel lines. They do not fear God else they Will not be killing God ‘s people even with priests. Our God is a merciful God, God of the oppressed and justice and he will answer our prayers since. The defunct CNU motto said “The Truth Will prevail. ” God is truth and we stand on the pinnacles of truth and so the truth Will ever prevail. God alone be our helper and watch man. In faith therefore, I exhort all Southern Cameroonians to pray hard and God Will answer our prayers and restore our sovereignty back to self governing as we used to be before ever achieving our independence from the UN which was bewitched with conspiracy of some big Nations that thought that independence is only for them. May God bless and protect all Southern Cameroonians wherever they find themselves in this world. They should bear in mind that they have their Nation and for la République du Cameroun and France thinking that they Can cause us to go extinct in the world in order to grasp our Natural Resources is a big joke. Long live Southern Cameroons and her peace loving and friendly People among the Nations and People of the world.

Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph. D

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