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Our final liberation will be likened to the Israelis liberation from the Egyptian Pharaoh’s bondage. Southern Cameroonians may be highly referred to as the Israelis of Africa. Why? We have had a pathetic story of harassment, suppression, subjugation, marginalization, torture, exploitation, annexation, detention, shooting and killing.

Many Southern Cameroonians now in the diaspora as refugees had refused to succumb to such treatment from La Republique du Cameroun.

Many youths of Southern Cameroons had never known that Southern Cameroons was once autonomous with a government and Parliament based in its capital at Buea until some mishap occurred between the lines and our gold was plundered from us in broad day light.

Thank God, like the Israelis, we flooded tears, to the God of all the Nations for a breakthrough.  What a miracle afoot!

I saw it many years ago, and published “The Looming Truth” with eagles flying from the Eastward to the Westward.  As if it was not enough, I published the poem titled “And soon the Cocks will Crow from Two Different Camps”.

Yet, with my itching pen, I further published the booklet “A rhetorical war of words and rationality in the search for peace and The Logic in the Declaration of the Independence of “The Democratic Republic of Southern Cameroons over Radio Buea on the 30th of December 1999, by His Eminence Chief Justice Ebong Frederic Alobwede”.

Seeing the slowness of things, I addressed an open letter to the then Secretary General of U.N.O. Mr. Koffi Annan in the Grasslanda and further composed a prayer for the restoration of our Sovereignty and Independence.  My question now is, is the bunch of banana getting ripe for consumption?  When dragon flies start lingering around, is it not clear that the dry season is underway?

Looking at our winding path, like the Israelis through the desert, guided by the Lord of all Nations Himself, I doff my hat to those who had convened the AAC I in Buea that came out with the Buea Declaration which was however undermined by our colonizers. That was our great cannon and takeoff.  Then, came the warning signal, the hitting of plates at specific times for La Republique to adjust and take cognizance of our Status quo, but it did not.  Instead of heeding to our unusual signals, arbitrary arrests of activists, torture and killings ensured e.g. Operation zero mort!

Then some activist, battonier, Lawyer HRH Fon Corgi Dinka filed a motion in the Bamenda High Court requesting Biya to justify why his troops were in the Southern Cameroons territory, but then the judge downplayed the case and the motion was never heard.

While paper work and the history of a nation being annexed by another Nation puzzled the world, activists of SCNC at grassroots were not asleep.

As I perused through the Memorandum, I shed tears of joy, and remember the poem I published in one newspaper “When will she come?”

I admire the quality of good leadership that the Lord instills in ordinary men just as he had put on Moses to lead the Israelis out of Egypt.  Moses aided by the Lord himself, did a wonderful display of wonders and signs before King Pharaoh of Egypt.

In absolute appreciation of the pen work of “The Buea Declaration”, and the “London Communique” and the dramatic fieldwork effected by the Southern Cameroons (SCNC) activists and stalwarts in outright defiance of the oppressive well armed troops of La Republique du Cameroun at odd times; always taking them unaware, especially the closing up of the Mungo Border and the hoisting of the United Nations Flag “Operation do or die”.  The hoisting of the UN flag in Victoria, I doff my hat to them and say “bravo”.

The various march passes effected in South West and North West Provinces during October 1, the demonstration by SCNC activist before the African Commission for Human and Peoples Right (ACHPR) and the UN Delegation in Buea amidst tight security, the message was well driven to the quarters that be, as the images came up in CNN and BBC.

As per the contents of the “Memorandum addressed to the Southern Cameroons Public by the Grass Root Activists of The Southern Cameroon National Council concerning the achievement of the Council in the struggle for the Restoration of the Statehood and Sovereign Independence of Southern Cameroons” I doff my hat to all of them for the heroic field work done, mentioned in the memorandum, for they never doubted the end result of their action, they cared more about the course than their lives, they were ready to die than to fail.  As they had faith, God gave them more courage. They did not care about torture, and detention. There were men including some ladies who also enjoyed the beatings and tortures for a noble and patriotic course, with ages ranging from forty to eighty two years.

Lovers of honey never care about the stings of bees when they are removing it.

Many Southern Cameroonians croak like frogs.  They have shamefully forgotten the fact that they are eagles and that their place is right near the sun and that they need to soar like eagles and should not belittle themselves with chicken feed.

Many do not know that the activist have done a commendable job and that it is getting to day dawn and soon the cocks will crow from two different camps.

When the Israelis left Egypt and were heading for the Promise Land, not a single Israelis was left behind.  When all the Israelis in the diaspora will be returning home, Southern Cameroonians too, in the diaspora will be returning home too.

Courage brothers do not stumble!

Red feathers and golden feathers you all deserve from your fatherland for such chivalry displayed.

Moreso, your names will be written in Gold for posterity to trace out your struggle from the Archives.

I exhort every genuine Southern Cameroonian to follow the path of our struggle and to be conscious of our independence and sovereignty, and to sacrifice something so that when those who fought for it will be knocking their chests, they too will knock their chest.  Be part of the struggle and not mere on lookers. A widow’s mite can always do something on a scale balance.

Just as frogs are aware of themselves and croak in unison, I exhort all Southern Cameroonians also to be aware of themselves not as individuals but as Southern Cameroonians at the crossroads.

The passage of times:  Barely after the fake re-unification had taken place, I saw intimidation night carré carré by soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun, brutalization of citizens, they disturbed their sleep, they forced them to sit on mud, they were harassed. Typical of those who had tasted bitterly the rancour of the times was Mr. Albert Mukong as per his prisoner without a crime, at the launching of SDF, the six fallen Southern Cameroonians watered the road to freedom and freedom of speech. Fru Ndi himself was a victim of water cannon, after the SDF had been launched at gun point at Ntarikon.

The struggle to obtain the G.C.E. Board saw Anglophones brutalized, left and right while their Francophone colleagues folded their arms, and watched the Anglophone drama in dismay.

The dawn of the fake union that was dissolved in broad day light by some decree from the blue, witnessed the shooting of a Southern Cameroonian Political Scientist Mr. Abendong at Bafang.

But helas, patience and prayers will lead Southern Cameroonians from the valley to the top of the mountain.  God’s time is the best.

The truth about the matter

Once it was no longer Federal Republic of Cameroon, and no more United Republic of Cameroon, then there were two entities now in existence whether you like it or not.

These are La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.  The citizens of La Republique du Cameroun are called Cameroonians and the citizens of Southern Cameroons are known as Southern Cameroonians.  Therefore coining Southern Cameroonians to be “Cameroonians” meaning that they are citizens of La Republique du Cameroun is blatant falsehood.  That is why a Southern Cameroonian can never for all the tea in China, be allowed to be the President of La Republique du Cameroun and vice-versa.  I wonder whether irrespective of any close ties whether a citizen of La Republique du Cameroun could become the President of France.  No!  Never!  Till all the oceans go dry.

If sheep can identify themselves among goats, then why should not Southern Cameroonians identify their sovereignty from that of La Republique du Cameroun, and work in unison towards the realization of their goal, the status quo?


By Peter F. Chesami, Ph.D.

Human Rights Activists

Member of Amnesty International

SCNC Activist and Patriot  

World highly acclaimed Laureate Poet

Distinguished Member of the 

international society of poets

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