2019 New Year Address By SCNC National Chairman


2019 New Year Address By SCNC National Chairman

2019 New Year Address by Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami,

The National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC)

To Southern Cameroonians at home and in the Diaspora.

My beloved fellow Kinsmen,

Kindly accept my warmest greetings and deep love on the behalf of Southern Cameroonians and on my own part.  God created all of us in his own divine image to live and love in peace and to praise serve and obey him. He endured us with diverse multi talents to work for our own well being, that of others and of our beloved nation, The Southern Cameroons.

Our early leaders of the fake and long aborted unification of La République du Cameroun and The Southern Cameroons made a fatal error in the past coupled with greed and the longing for positions to have trusted without due checks a people we hardly knew could turn and declare an inglorious and unjustifiable war against us, a war that plaques us with genocide and the burning down of numerous houses in our villages and cities.

This War declared upon us is utter provocation of our being as a People and a nation. Our defensive measure in this situation is our irrefutable right under the universe, and we must with God on our side as an oppressed People.

Endured with courage which is a divine gift and with multi and diverse talents at our disposal we must fight back to push out the imperialist and terrorist’s forces out of our beloved and God given Nation and restore our independence and sovereignty for our good and that of posterity.

The judicious application of vigor, tactics, diplomacy and technology with all our collective efforts will give us the much needed victory and our freedom. We advocate a curse on all boot lickers and traitors of our struggle to restore our independence and nation. There is nothing sweeter than freedom and peace which are divine gifts to all human beings on earth.  I entreat every Southern Cameroonian to make maximum input in this struggle for our own betterment. It is a matter of do or die, to be or not to be.

With God on our side and with one voice we utter a heart rending cry to our creator and the giver of nations and their people.  We pray that they who they have killed on our land join us spiritually in the struggle and all traitors like Judas Iscariot should go the same way without enjoying the money of their deal.

And lastly, the greatest fight is prayer warfare.  We must cry to God to put his might on our side to restore our nation where there will be peace and justice for all.

In this regard, fasting and prayers in groups and in churches will be primordial in our struggle and victory.  In God we trust.

The following issues may help the international community to understand our case better.

  1. If President Paul Biya of La République du Cameroun had respected the terms of the Green Tree Accord which he signed with former SG of the UN Koffi Annan to withdraw his troops from Bakassi to his country at independence, there should have been no war in Southern Cameroons and he should not have caused this heart rending genocide.
  2. If President Paul Biya had respected January 1st and October Ist as the dates of independence for la République du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons respectively and their territorial boundaries, there should have been total peace in Southern Cameroons.
  3. If President Paul Biya of La République du Cameroun hadn’t pompously declared War on Southern Cameroons there should he should not have caused this heart rending genocide and the heavy burning down of houses in Southern Cameroons.

President Paul Biya of La République du Cameroun cannot declare a full scale war on the Southern Cameroons and has not withdrawn his troops back to his country at independence and is asking for peace to reign.

What is at his disposal for peace is either he kills all Southern Cameroonians which God cannot allow him to do or he withdraws his troops from Southern Cameroons.

Once a Nation ever a nation and no nation no matter its size can allow itself for another nation to render it extinct.  Can France go extinct to Britain? No! Can Germany go extinct to America? No! Then, why must Southern Cameroons go extinct to La République du Cameroun her neighbor?

May God bless, protect us and our Nation.

Long live the Southern Cameroons and her citizens in the glory of the most High God.

Sign Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph. D.

National Chairman

of the Southern Cameroons National Council. (SCNC)

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