Sell Outs Exposed


Sell Outs Exposed


From the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) to Southern Cameroonians at home and in the Diaspora And the world at large.

More details of the dramatic struggle of those money mongers who are struggling to mortgage our Nation the Southern Cameroons or sell out the Nation and her people to the Paul Biya’s Regime of La Republique du Cameroun.

The Struggle for the Sale of Southern Cameroons Our Fatherland.

1)  Take note of the Anyangwe Gov’t restoration formed in exile.

2)  Shrinking of activists from the SCNC National Council by La Republique for financial and car awards plus lucrative job offers, buying for a Federation instead of allowing the SCNC to free Southern Cameroonians and their sovereignty from the devilish annexation by la Republique du Cameroun e.g. 9-man delegation went to the UN to petition for the matter all have been bought over by la Republique du Cameroun other than those who died naturally. Njoh Litumbe is still alive and is not with the SCNC. He was one of the first to be bought to form a Political Party with huge sums of money handed to him. His Party is L.D.A. (Liberal Democratic Alliance).

         Why is Henry Fossung on exile, he too was among the 9 man delegation. He too is so quiet.

         Why is Dr. Monzu so quiet and not with the SCNC?

         Why is Dr. Anold Yongbang so quiet who smuggled himself to UNPO to meet Chief Ayamba who took the Southern Cameroons to UNPO?

         Of the nine man delegation that went to the UN, and are alive, they are still making frantic efforts to market Southern Cameroons to la Republique du Cameroun other than joining the SCNC “the people’s mouth piece” with their motto: the force of argument to liberate the Southern Cameroons from this heinous assimilation, annexation and recolonisation by la Republique du Cameroun. All negotiations with La Republique du Cameroun are time barred.

         If Southern Cameroonians allow any group of people to negotiate any deal with la Republique du Cameroun, then the people concerned may bury the Southern Cameroons Nation forever.

         The highest bargain is going on underground between those who have political parties and hold high positions in the government of La Republique du Cameroun to sell the final product – Southern Cameroons and her people to La Republique du Cameroun for exploitation and for final slavery.

         e.g. Chiefs hoist the Cameroun flags in their Palaces and refuse their subjects from joining the ranks of SCNC.  The question is all these people activists of the S.C.N.C.?  No! But when the liberation comes, it will come like sunshine for all.

         The Guardian Post Daily published people involved in a secret dialogue with Gov’t of La Republique du Cameroun on behalf of the SCNC people who are not even members of the SCNC. People made up of Fons, teachers and politicians, and civil servants and fake civil societies e.g. Dion Ngute, a Minister with La Republique du Cameroun, Dr. Asonganyi of the S.D.F, Albert Mukong, Theodore Leke, Chief Tabetando, Ambassador Henry Fossung, Barrister Ekontang Elad, Fon Angwafor, Fon Fontem Njifua.

Ref. Guardian Post No. 1018 Friday September 23, 2016. None of these belong to the SCNC. Why are they going on the negotiation? Who has given them the mandate?

         The Times Journal No. Vol. 03 No. 171 Mon. Jan 18 2016 brings out the whole scheme of all those involved in the sale out with a fake SCNC so call as factions unify in a common front which was created in Oslo and Washington D.C. under the leadership of Njoh Litumbe and Nfor Ngala Nfor as home front leaders for Southern Cameroons. All these happened when Chief Ayamba Ette Otun was still the National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council. He was not involved.

         “The Sun” Ref. No. 0313 of Tuesday 6th May 2015 where Anglophone Lawyers who pretend to call themselves Anglophone lawyers say “Anglophone Lawyers Association is not SCNC” it means therefore that they do not have the aspirations of the SCNC at heart to liberate Southern Cameroons, otherwise they should have all fallen under the SCNC.

         Ref. The Post No. 01759 of Monday September 19th 2016 where fake SCNC launches campaign against French language signboard” which is not the aspiration of the SCNC and shall never be. Here, Mola Njoh Litumbe is equally involved who comes in with fake referendum signatory papers, what for, the SCNC does not know.

         With all these sale outs manifesting, the SCNC has no hands in all the recent demonstrations that have caused lost of souls and damages caused in our country Southern Cameroons, including the raping to death of University girls.

         The SCNC does not understand why the SCNC flag was used by people who are not fighting the course of SCNC whereas the SCNC works peacefully maintaining their motto of non violence (the force of argument and not the argument of force).

         The SCNC regrets lamentably on the souls and properties lost in Southern Cameroons.

         The SCNC was misused to achieve their professional aims rather than their struggle for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence and sovereignty.

         The SCNC warns in the strongest terms that these sale outs should not woo the population to come out and be shot down.

         The Southern Cameroonians should stay out, and wait patiently for the final restoration of our independence and sovereignty that is coming through the United Nations that had granted to us half baked independence, in charge of world peace.

         We implore the UN to complete her task on the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence which will come through the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) which is the mouth piece of the Southern Cameroonian people.

         Let the so-called conclave of leaders for Southern Cameroons desist from trying to sell out Southern Cameroons for a Federation led by Mola Njoh Litumbe and Nfor Ngala Nfor as home leaders.  Be warned that it is an expensive joke for a few individuals to think they can sell the Southern Cameroons Nation and her people.

         The person who stakes his money to buy a people and their Nation is a day dreamer because God will not allow it to work in accordance to their selfish whims and caprices.

Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph.D

The National Chairman of the

Southern Cameroons National

Council (SCNC)



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Nsagha KilianPosted on  1:09 pm - Jan 2, 2017

Please, you people should not be confusing southern cameroonians who are very determined this time to liberate themselves from la republique. Put your power struggle and blackmailing aside. It is time you unite yourselves under one banner. Tell me, who is the chairman of scnc? Please, better behave yourselves or we will hold you people responsible

Antoine MbokPosted on  12:07 pm - Apr 22, 2017

The attempt to divide Cameroon along colonial lines must be and will be fought tooth and nail by millions of people, patriots and every pan africanist and anti neocolonialist movements in Africa. Surgical termination of those leaders with this ideology must be the policy as prescribed ny the anti terrorist act because the majority of people do not share their view of carving a new republic within the republic. This treaterous effort is an attempt by evil forces pro colonialists to keep Cameroon from developing these self hating Africans are confused and think they are British. 74% of those living in Southern Cameroon do not speak English at all (Pidgin is NOT english). Speaking English is not a cultural identity for the people in Southern Cameroon, there is absolutely nothing British about their daily lives or anything that is part of their cultures and traditions. Greed, political ambitions, frustrations from the Biya regime, tribalism, pure hate for follow Cameroonians is the principal motive behind the so called Ambazonian movement and the “British” Southern Cameroonian council. There are very few people adhering to this attempt which has long been suspected of being a means to secure refugee status in developped countries as people look for economic prosperity. Most people claiming to be part of the movement immediately seek refugee status and the free meal and benefits that come with refugee status.

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