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Pleading For World Justice And Peace To Southern Cameroons

The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) in re-affirming its motto, the force of argument and not the argument of force condemns energetically the diabolical genocide of unarmed civilians and the burning down of numerous houses in the British Trusteeship Territory of the Southern Cameroons by the occupational forces of la Republique du Cameroun.

          On these lines, we exhort the United Nations and all Christian Nations of the world to react spontaneously each in his capacity to rescue the territory from further genocide and the burning down of houses and to enable the Southern Cameroons have its inalienable right of self governing duly enshrined both in the United Nations and the African Union Charters.

          The Southern Cameroons National Council equally sternly condemns the shameful unjust war declared by President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun on the unarmed God-fearing, friendly and peace loving people of Southern Cameroons.

          We plead that UNPO should give a lending hand in this matter.

          We reaffirm the sovereignty of the State of Southern Cameroons as its independence was voted for in the 15th Session of the UN General Assembly on the 19th of April 1961 at 3:15 p.m. precisely, with 1st October endorsed as its independence day.

          And finally, we plead that the United Nations of the world should urgently send peace keeping troops into the territory and help us form an interim Government that will run the affairs of the country for some time before handing it to the people of Southern Cameroons.

           Peter Forchu Chesami (Ph.D)

          The National Chairman of the

    Southern Cameroons National Council.




Definition as per the Advanced Learners’ Dictionary by A.S. Hornsby is the whole body of Christians / members of the church that has the Pope as its Chief Bishop.

            From my humble perspective, since Catholics are all united in the one Catholic Church headed by Christ himself and the Christians all constitute the body; the church which is one, Holy, Apostolic and universal, is the one ushered by Christ to go into the world under the leadership of St. Peter to fish men for the Kingdom of God.

The Church is still doing that marvelous job through the magisterium of the church from one generation to the other.

The “Church” by obligation constitutes Christian brothers in the entirety of humanity.

The Catholic Church has at least to my knowledge penetrated to all the big and lesser Nations of the world. The very church has the same Divine Authority to gather souls for the Kingdom of God as Jesus told the Apostles that what is accepted on earth will be tolerated in heaven. This same church should be as beautiful and as perfect as perfection can imagine.

The church has that supreme and Divine authority to shout and even stop the Nations that are waging wars and causing genocide. The same church has the supreme and Divine powers to speak to corrupt governments and even to guide and direct the United Nations on how the umbrella of love, peace and justice could possibly cover all the people and Nations of the world just as the universe covers everyone and everyone on earth is answerable to the dictates of the universe.

The church should not stand aloof and watch New Adolf Hitlers spring up in the world and kill God’s people everywhere as though there was a pestilence.

The church’s major role in bringing Christ to all the hearts in the world as its mission must fan love, peace and justice everywhere and the world by obligation must listen to the church whose powers come from Christ. The Catholic world must be one that lives in love and gathers all the people everywhere in oneness of God, in holiness, like the holiness of God and bring justice to the world.

These are some of the perplexities that give me sleepless nights as I see the vulgaries and human indignities being perpetuated, with continuous genocide caused by dictators and blood thirsty men. Not only that, some big Nations cause a lot of stress in the world, they provoke wars, fan dictators, and help dictators to do massive killings on their citizens through their military. There is absolutely something worse than slave trade and suffering going on in the world.

The Catholic World for all the Nations of the World

The Catholic world, headed by our Lord himself must work relentlessly towards world peace, love and justice. The church must remain wholly “Catholic” bearing the hall marks of our Lord. The sign of the cross must run through the veins of every Catholic everywhere in the world. Where there is the Catholic world, Christ himself is there because the “Catholic” is well bounded by love, peace and justice.

Where is Catholicism in a world where some big Nations like the Mighty Shark are eating smaller Nations? Where is the love that binds Catholicism in the world where the Rwanda Genocide and the current genocide going on in the world does not mean anything to anyone anywhere?

Keeping peace, love and justice is part of spreading God’s love and the gospel.

The ongoing killings in the Southern Cameroons are a nightmare with well over 40.000 refugees out in Nigeria, countless houses burnt down to ashes. Some other thousands hiding in the bushes out of fear and the shootings from the soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun. It is the concern of every Catholic in the world. What a world and what a hell going on with God’s people everywhere! The sooner people stop producing guns, bombs and other destructive material, the better for the world. The world is not man’s world but God’s world. The First and Second World Wars destroyed their quota and went, and other wars keep going in the world as though the world is a glorious battle field. Since there are no wars beyond this present world, what would war mongers do when they die? Certainly pay for the wars they caused on earth?

At the time the biblical Cain killed his brother Abel, God was angry with him, because the blood of Abel cried to God, and so does the blood of anyone killed cries to God.

At the time many more churches are springing into the world, spreading the gospel of the Lord, the gospel cannot properly be spread out of love, peace and justice.

At the time Christians are prayerfully awaiting the second coming of Christ, the world ought to desist from animosity, wars and genocide. “Love” as preached by Christ, peace and justice must envelop the world.

Anarchy and terror must not reign in the world. Christ must not be re-crucified by the hatred and killings going on in the world.

The onerous task of the church is to penetrate into the hearts of world dictators for them to put love into practical terms by good governance and the avoidance of exploitation and wars, and bring peace and justice where it is due. The church must put an end to every genocide anywhere in the world, and let love, peace and justice knit all humanity into oneness.


Church Teaching on Love

CCC 1823 states: “Jesus makes charity the New Covenant. By loving his own “to the end” he manifests the Father’s love which he receives. By loving one another, the disciples initiate the love of Jesus which they themselves receive. Whence Jesus says “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love. And again “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you”.

Love is therefore the cardinal point of Christ’s coming into the world and the church that constitutes the body of Christ must revolve on all the cardinal points love, peace and justice in the entire world, so that the world can comfortably accommodate Christ, while waiting for his second coming.

The flames of violence, misery, war and genocide are blazing in the world unchecked; and the church for the love of Christ must extinguish the flames and replace them with the luminous flames of love, peace and justice.

CCC 1889 states thus “Without the help of Grace, men would not know how to discern the often narrow path between cowardice which gives in to evil and the violence which under the illusion of fighting evil only makes it worse”. This is the path of charity that is of the love of God and of neighbour. Charity is the greatest social commandment. It respects others and their rights. It requires the practice of justice and it alone makes us capable of it.

CCC 1866 states thus “To love is to will the good of another”.

CCC 1825 states that “Christ died out of love for us while we were still “enemies”. The Lord asks us to love as he does, even our enemies, to make ourselves the neighbour of those farthest away and to love children and the poor as Christ himself.

CCC 1822 further states that “Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake and our neighbour as ourselves for the love of God”

The church, therefore, the entire people of God must love collectively and fight the evils of the times collectively from the central point in order to restore peace, love and justice which are far lacking in the present world.

The church’s teachings on love should not remain theoretical! Field work and action are required.

The Warnings of the Lord

III Jerusalem Reproached

Zephaniah 3:1-7

Ah! Rebellious and polluted,

The tyrannical city!

It listens to no voice,

accepts no correction,

In the Lord, it has not trusted,

Nor drawn near to its God.

Its officials within it are roaring lions

Its judges are desert wolves

that have no bones to gnaw in the morning.

Its prophets are reckless

treacherous people

Its Priests profane what is holy,

and do violence to the law.

But the Lord in its midst is just,

doing no wrong;

Morning after morning rendering judgment

Unfailingly, at dawn

the wicked, however, know no shame

I have cut down Nations,

their battlements are laid waste;

I have made their streets deserted

with no one passing through;

Their cities are devastated,

With no one dwelling in them.

I said “surely now you will fear me,

You will accept correction;

They cannot fail to see

all I have brought upon them”,

Yet the more eagerly they have done

all their corrupt deeds.

Zephaniah 3:8-11

The Nations punished and Jerusalem restored

Therefore wait for me. Oracle of the Lord.

Until the day when I arise as accuser

For it is my decision to gather Nations,

to assemble kingdoms

In order to pour out upon them my wrath

all my blazing anger;

For in the fire of my passion,

all the earth will be consumed

For then, I will make pure

the speech of the peoples

That they all may call upon the name of the Lord

to serve him with one accord;

From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia

and as far as the recesses of the North

they shall bring me offerings.

On that day

You will not be ashamed of all your deeds,

When you rebelled against me;

For then, I will remove from your midst

the proud braggards

And you shall no longer exalt yourself

On my holy mountain.

The Message, Lord of the Universe   Psalm 2:1-11

Why do the Nations protest

and the peoples conspire in vain?

Kings on earth rise up

and princes plot together

against the Lord and against his anointed one:

“Let us break their shackles

and cast off their chains from us”.

The one who enthroned in heaven laughs

The Lord derides them,

Then he speaks to them in his anger

in his wrath he terrifies them;

“I myself have installed my King

on Zion my holy mountain”.

I will proclaim the decree of the Lord

he said to me. “You are my son,

today I have begotten you.

As it of me

and I will give you the Nations as your inheritance

and as your possession, the ends of the earth

with an iron rod you will shepherd them

like a porter’s vessel you will shelter them”

And now kings give heed,

take warning, judges on earth.

Serve the Lord with fear;

exalt with trembling, accept correction.

Lest he becomes angry and you perish along the way.

When his anger suddenly blazes up.

Blessed are all who take refuge in him.


Source Pray for us sinners by FF Jim Borst MHM.

Fatima confirmed the Final Stage

“At Fatima, Our Lady confirms in our present century, the power of sin and evil. Satan himself has largely set the agenda of historical events: large scale lapse from the faith, breakdown of morality; widespread divorce; the sexual revolution; abortion and drug epidemics accompanied by war; famines and persecution of believers and of the church”.

We are all living witnesses to these happenings in the world. The church cannot rely only on the theory of spreading the Gospel to the world. The church must break all satanic strategies of killing innocent souls, the burning of peoples’ homes, or people becoming refugees outside and even in their own homes.

Once people loose faith, Satan draws many believers into hell fire.

As Satan has courageously set largely an agenda of historical events to break down morality, the church must resolve to counteract the agenda of Satan against God’s people.

When I talk of the church, I am referring to the universality of the church that embodies all Christians and all God fearing people in the world.

The people of God need security and must not be tortured by power mongers all over the world who are being directed by Satan the devil. The church must avoid all sorts of bribery and corruption and work towards enhancing love, justice and the truth throughout the world.

Remedial Measures to Salvage God’s People from Satan’s agenda and to Restore Faith among God’s People:

God has shown his love for man by creating man in his own image. Genesis chapter 1:17. God created mankind in his image.

In the image of God he created them. God blessed them and God said to them: Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it.”  The African Bible.

What God has created and blessed, let no one curse it. Let no one destroy it. Today, the killings of God’s people everywhere should give every genuine Christian the concern. God’s reason of creating man is out of love and this love covers all humanity just as the universe covers all mankind.

The Holy Church that receives Divine authority from Christ must cover all humanity with love and so it must not stand aloof when all these evils and genocide are plaguing the world.

After the World War I and II, Adolf Hitler was pursued for war crimes and so must the church in its oneness pursue all dictators all over the world that constitute the source of all evils taking place in the world under the influence and well calculated agenda of Lucifer the greatest enemy of God.

Either the world is Catholic or it is not.

Either the world is for Christ or for the Devil and his agents.

Church theologians must give a serious thought of what is going on in the world and draw strategies to bring Christ even into the hearts of tigers and leopards to honour man, God’s image.

The church must devise ways of causing wars and genocide to stop and causing peace, love and justice to prevail to all citizens anywhere and everywhere in the world.



  1. The Catholic world must penetrate the ranks of the United Nations of the world that is closing its eyes on all atrocities going on in the world. Stop any Nation trying to annex another.
  2. The church must penetrate the ranks of African Union, European Union and all the big Nations of the world so that human beings created in the very image of God must be treated with care, respect and love of God that covers all human beings on earth.
  3. The church must stop those big Nations that are impoverishing the weaker Nations and perpetuating genocide on countless masses.
  4. The church must stop the most cruelsome form of exploitation and slavery going on in the world.
  5. The church must ensure that all the Nations of the world have equal standing, and the right of every Nation must be highly respected.
  6. The church should monitor all the evils and atrocities going on in the world through the most powerful Radio and Television Station in the world so as to devise ways of stopping such satanic atrocities that go to denegrade man, (the image of God).
  7. The voice of the church like BBC must silent any rising dictator anywhere in the world; for the might of the church is the might of God.
  8. The church should institute equally radio and television channels in every country with journalists to give daily or weekly reports on the nature of peace, love and justice that prevails.
  9. Any country that does away with the lives of anybody must be taken to the church instituted Tribunals, with well set strategies to implement their judgments.
  10. The church should have a standby army and police force which must be as incorruptible as the British Police who have every right of doing findings in any country in the world in order to bring criminals before justice.
  11. The church should boast of a well trained army and military personnel who when they get into any country, the dictators will quiver.
  12. The church’s military equipment should be the best in the world to fight for love, justice and peace that the world is in desperate need.
  13. A country like Ireland that is predominantly Catholic could house the military headquarters and other military bases created in all the continents of the world.
  14. The church military council should be composed of real Christians drawn from many countries in the world. And each continent should have its military base and Generals ready to act where the military of any country is at the whims of dictators killing its own citizens.
  15. The church in itself is love, and as love has not got any borders, so too does the church. The church should work for the common good of all God’s people on earth, with each generation taking care of its people as well as spreading the message of the Gospel and the love of God and man.

Note worthy

As the world is waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the stage must be well prepared because Christ will not die a second time to rescue man whom he had earlier rescued!


The United Nations of the World

If the UN fails in maintaining world peace, love and justice, the church must not.

  1. Funding: All Christians everywhere in the world should fund the church’s military project of bringing Christ to all hearts and stopping the enlarge agenda of Satan to destabilize the world and to ruin the souls of men.

If the church allows Satan and his agents to triumph over the lives and souls of men, then it will be very horrible. The church and its people are the property of God and so the church must defend itself, its Christians and all of humanity in oneness and sow practically seeds of love, justice and peace among the rulers of the world. Dictatorship anywhere must be hewn.

Possible World Peace

Isaiah 11:1-9

“But a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse and from his roots a bud shall blossom.

The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him; a spirit of wisdom and of understanding;

A spirit of counsel and of strength and his delight shall be the fear of the Lord. Not by appearance shall he judge, nor by hearsay shall he decide.

“But he shall judge the poor with justice and decide fairly for the land’s afflicted. He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked.

Justice shall be the band round his waist and faithfulness a belt upon his lips.

Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat. The calf and the young lion shall browse together with a little child to guide them.

The cow and the bear shall graze together, their young shall lie down.

The lion shall eat hay like the ox.

The baby shall play by the viper’s den and the child lay his head on the adder’s lair. They shall not harm or destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth shall be filled with knowledge of the fear of the Lord as water covers the sea.



Summarily, I am humbly making a pertinent appeal for the church to preach love, peace and justice in practical terms by always intervening and by preventing war and genocide perpetuated on God’s people, causing the down trodden to loose their faith in God while giving Satan the upper hand.

The church cannot remain perpetually silent or neutral over such heinous crimes on human rights violation going on in the world.

The church has authoritative influence and divine authority over preaching Christ, the center of love to all the people and to all the Nations of the world.

If the church was able to execute Galileo over the simple fact that he said  rightly that the world is round, what more of serving God by preventing torture of the very people that God greatly loves.

The church cannot continue to play the role of neutrality even over the killing of Christians, Priests and Apostles.

With very little amount paid by Christians world-wide, huge sums of money could go to have a permanent peace keeping force to check all the human right abuses prevalent in the world perpetuated by some very powerful Nations over poorer Nations, especially when it comes to cruelsome neo colonization and exploitation.

This will bring peace, love and justice to the entire people and bring Christ deep in every heart.

Satan has already corrupted the United Nations and it no longer understands the prime action of bringing love, peace and justice in the world.

Peace, love and justice could surely come into the world through the church that constitute Christ as “love” and its head.

If the church subjects itself to corruption and indifference to the atrocities going on in the world, then Christians and God’s people will begin to loose faith both in the church and on Christ who is the head of the church, giving Satan, the evil one the upper hand and this must not be!

The church that has divine authority and supreme authority is Christ’s final word to the Nations of the world on the principles of love, peace and justice without borders.

Everyone on earth created in God’s image deserves a fair share of love, peace and justice from God’s people.

                  Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph.D., LTCL, FCOLLP

Student of the 14th Batch Maryvale in the Archdiocese of Bamenda writing from the rostrum of the Laity, with a view of the suffering church, and humanity on earth.


National Chairman Address To The Nation

An Address by Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami, The National Chairman of the

Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) to Southern Cameroonians

at Home and in the Diaspora on the Occasion of the 2018 New Year


–  Your Royal Highnesses,

–  Political Aspirants,

–  Your Lordships the Archbishops and

   Bishops of Southern Cameroons,

–  Fellow Southern Cameroonians at Home

   and in the Diaspora,

–  The Presbyterian Moderator,

–  Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

          As I stand on this podium, I hail you all, and extend to you special greetings from the depth of my heart, for and on the behalf of all Southern Cameroonians, whose mouth piece the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) represents at home.

          The year 2017 has been a year of sadness and bereavement to all Southern Cameroonians everywhere in the world for all our compatriots duly gunned down by the wicked and satanic forces of La Republique du Cameroun.

          It is awfully regrettable that despite the fact that on the 22nd September and the 1st of October 2017, Southern Cameroonians held olive branches everywhere in their God given Nation to assert their ego as a sovereign Nation as vetoed by the United Nations 15th General Assembly of 1961, voted by 50 member countries of the United Nations on the 19th of April 1961, the ungentlemanly La Republique du Cameroun decided to gun down hundreds of our citizens with impunity.

          Since Southern Cameroonians are both armless and harmless, we lift our hands and hearts to the God of all creation to protect us from any further genocide.

          The Southern Cameroons National Council knew that this kind of genocide was going to take place in our Nation orchestrated by the dictatorial regime of President Paul Biya; we took measures to alert the United Nations of the world, and Great America, the referee of world justice and peace. To our greatest dismay, no action of any sort was taken to prevent this genocide on our citizens; it is regrettable that this genocide may continue if urgent measures are not taken. One wonders whether the world has ceased to be Christians.

          Great Britain, our former Colonial Masters who pretentiously believe to have granted independence to Southern Cameroons are so mute about our plight and this genocide currently going on in the Southern Cameroons. What they granted to Southern Cameroons was half baked independence that condemned us to this unholy and diabolical union which has resulted to genocide on our people. The British think that their God is different from ours. No, He is the same God that attends to the cries of the oppressed people and is the same God that at judgment will punish the wicked and their accomplices.

          It is not too late. Independence in its true sense does not mean annexation. Britain should repent and put us on the right track because if they had not colonized us, we should not have suffered this kind of genocide on our people. The blood of all those shot in Southern Cameroons is crying like Abel’s to the God of all creation.

          Many of our citizens have fled from their God given Nation to neighbouring Nigeria as refugees, others have taken shelter in the forests, adults and children.

          Why? Before the eyes of the United Nations and the Great Nations of the world. Why? Is the world no longer Christian? Does not the current genocide in the Southern Cameroons touch the souls of men worldwide to take action on La Republique du Cameroun?

          Whatever may be the reaction of the great Nations of the world, we will continue to have faith in the God who created us and gave us a Nation to live in and our posterity.

          La Republique du Cameroun has openly and unholy, shamelessly declared war on us and have brought over 4000 of their troops to rain hell on Southern Cameroonians, a Nation that rightly was declared its independence by the United Nations of the world.

          Southern Cameroonians at home spent the Christmas feast of 2017 in agony of all those killed in their territory by the oppressive forces of La Republique du Cameroun.

          The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) reaffirms its motto “The force of argument and not the argument of force”. We condemned downrightly all satanic killings on our land and invoke God’s spirit to revenge with rancour, the devil(s) that is (are) operating in Southern Cameroons.

          We call on all Southern Cameroonians to go on prayer and fasting for God to react in their favour and set them free.

          We exhort Southern Cameroonians to be more courageous than ever before as the hand of God is already writing visibly on the world.

          May the might of God be with us and may he send his Holy Angels to defend us. And lastly, we give a minute of silence for all those killed in the struggle.

          In God we trust and to God be the highest glory.

          Long Live the United Nations of the World,

          Long Live World Peace,

          Long Live Southern Cameroons.

Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami

The National Chairman of

The Southern Cameroons

National Council (SCNC).


SCNC National Chairman’s Address To The Nation On 56th Independence Anniversary


1st October, 2017

An Address by Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami, the National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) to Southern Cameroonians at Home and in the Diaspora; on the occasion of the 56th Independence Anniversary.


–  Your Royal Highnesses,

–  Political Aspirants,

–  Fellow Southern Cameroonians  at home and in the Diaspora,

–  Ladies and Gentlemen,


            Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

       I hail you all, Nationwide and those fending in the Diaspora on the occasion of the 56th Independence Day of our beloved Fatherland. I equally praise you for your patriotic and combative spirit in our effort to restore our independence and statehood.

            This time, God is answering our prayers, our ancestors too have every reason to smile in their graves, seeing that we have taken a resolute stand to free ourselves from the hell of La Republique du Cameroun.

            From the unset, it was a few peoples struggle, and with time, the population of our people saw that we have no future and our children right down to posterity have no future whatsoever; and now we are proud to act like one man.

            All along, we have had a lot of turning points in the struggle.

            Firstly, there was the declaration of the restoration of our independence and sovereignty by Eminent Justice Ebong and H.E. His Royal Highness Chief Ayamba Ette Otun on 30th November 1999 over Radio Buea.

            This declaration provoked our annexationists and colonial master, to an extent of imprisoning our patriots in an underground imprisonment for 14 months. They remained there until one blessed morning the UN Delegation went there to rescue them.

            There was the death of His Excellency Dr. Martin Ngeka Luma who had remained faithful to the Course as National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) before he was called to Eternal Glory.

            A few years after, the death of His Excellency, His Royal Highness Chief Ayamba Ette Otun came to be.

            All this while cauldron had been bubbling, there were countless arbitrary arrests and torture, protracted court cases that ended up in smoke.

            My humble self after the burial of Chief Ayamba Ette Otun was voted to take the baton since I had worked with the former hands in gloves as his vice.

            By our write-ups on our website, we ignited the hearts of Southern Cameroonian lawyers to quote the law while they are yet alive because in their graves, they will be unable to quote the law. While Chief Ayamba Ette Otun was yet alive, we published a Manifesto, and as per his instructions after his death we opened a website to publish our write-ups since the government of La Republique du Cameroun had bought all the Editors of newspapers of Southern Cameroons never to publish articles written by the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC).

            We went ahead to prescribe sit down strikes on every first October, massive demonstrations and diplomatic offensives in the Diaspora.

            Ladies and gentlemen, the year 2017 has been the year of miracle in our struggle.

            The forces of suppression became so oppressive, shooting down peaceful demonstrators and all sorts of untold atrocities. They cut internet from our country, but God being with us, that was the only Joker they had. External pressure forced our colonial masters to restore the internet and they did.

            Praise worthy is the installation of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) which x-rayed the evils of La Republique du Cameroun on Southern Cameroons.

            At this juncture, the lies faded out and the truth of our existence became prevalent to the world.

            Without any arms, we kept our colonial masters panicking. Parents withheld their children from schools and operation ghost towns was heavily launched.

            This was our highest joker which is working magically.

            I congratulate Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora whose role in our struggle acts as a catalyst.

            Many of our citizens were arrested and taken to Yaounde and only insignificant few were released; a good number are still in jail in Buea, Bamenda and Yaounde.

            As we are the Israelis of Africa, we know God favours us, and he will surely set us free from that bondage of enslavement that has been plaguing us Southern Cameroonians for well over half a century.

            The United Nations of the World and the big Nations of the world will certainly play a vital role in order to set us free.

            As ever as before, we maintain our motto, “The force of argument and not the argument of force”.

            The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) can only endorse the hoisting of the Southern Cameroons flag in Buea and the restoration of our Independence and Sovereignty if the United Nations will send peace keepers, and give instructions to La Republique du Cameroun to withdraw her troops from our territory as per the Green Tree Accord which President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun had signed with former Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Koffi Annan.

            I exhort every Southern Cameroonian at home and in the Diaspora to go down on bended knees in prayers, for this year 2017 is the year of our freedom, the miracle year.

            To hell with those who are traitors and would want to derail our struggle for personal gains. All traitors always end up in disgrace.

            In God we trust, and we know that our help will come from Him.

            In the absence of the United Nations and some of the big Nations urging Biya to withdraw his troops before that day, we urge Southern Cameroonians to react following their consciences because conscience is the greatest judge.

            May the God of the universe guard and protect all Southern Cameroonians from any looming war to be staged by La Republique du Cameroun.

            If they do, we ask God to send his Holy Angels to stand by us and disgrace their forces.

            We are Southern Cameroonians who trust and believe in God our Creator, and we hold in high esteem that no war of any type no matter the author shall plague us and our citizens.

            We are not part of La Republique du Cameroun and we will never be part of it. We stand on our ego as a Nation, law abiding and our culture inherited from Her Majesty’s Government of Great Britain runs on parallel line with the French culture which La Republique du Cameroun inherited from France during the colonial epoch.

            We must be proud of our God given Nation and we must be self governing as we used to be and to manage our natural resources for the welfare of our citizens. To God be the glory at all times.

            Long Live the United Nations of the World,

            Long Live Southern Cameroons.


            Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami

             The National Chairman of the Southern

            Cameroons National Council (SCNC).




June 27, 2017

The Government of La Republique du Cameroun in a frustrated attempt, caused by Southern Cameroonian parents’ refusal to send their children to schools, colleges and universities in Southern Cameroons has grasped the nettle by taking Southern Cameroonian Bishops to Court under the pretext of a Consortium of parents.

          They equally took the Presbyterian Moderator to Court, all anointed men of God whereas somewhere in the Bible it is written ‘touch not my anointed”.

          La Republique du Cameroun is to the best of my knowledge the only country in the world that is joking with shepherds of the flock of the Most High God.

          This notwithstanding, it is an open war against God. Man, making war against his own Creator is a ridiculous thing to do. Just the mere conception not even the act of taking anointed men of God to court is a big curse. It is senseless, nonsensical, or thoughtless.

          All the same, watch out! The eyes of all God’s people and all God’s angels are watching and waiting! The good thing is that men of God are not only innocent, but not afraid of going to court. They should behave the way Jesus behaved before Pontius Pilate – talk little and speak the truth.

          The Catholic Bishops all over the world that constitute shepherds in the vineyard of the Lord are not only untouchable by any human creatures; they are not answerable even to them. They are the ministers to the Pope who is the Vicar of Christ; the Bishops are only answerable to him, who himself is pontifical and the Chief Shepherd in the vineyard of the Most High God, and is answerable only to God and to no one else!

 Like Christ, like the Bishops

Bishops are Priests elevated to the rank of Bishops to act as Chief Shepherds.

          Our Lord himself, the highest Priest before his crucifixion was escorted by many people and soldiers. The same thing happened in Southern Cameroons when Southern Cameroonian Bishops had to appear in Court, and so the statement holds, like Christ, like the Bishops.

          I have never heard any country in the world where Priests, not to talk of Bishops have been charged to appear in Court except in the Southern Cameroons where the oppressive and annexationists Government of La Republique du Cameroun is terrorizing and violating the rights of the citizens in order to illegally implement their annexation syndrome.

When the Bishops appear in Court!

          In the case of Southern Cameroons National Council Activists, men and women taken to Court, the colonial judges of La Republique du Cameroun panicked and sweated. It was the truth of what the (SCNC) activists stoically stood for, that caused the judges to tremble and sweated from the head to their toes and even in their pants.

          Our Lord the Chief Priest was taken to Court. He appeared before Pontius Pilate who was wise and washed his hands before all humanity not to have anything to do with the death of Jesus Christ.

          The burning question I juxtapose here is whether some of the Southern Cameroonian judges who foolishly take to the Courts while Southern Cameroonian lawyers abandoned Courts, struggling for rights which when they come, those colonial judges answerable to the Government of La Republique du Cameroun would equally benefit. Are not the judges of Southern Cameroons and Southern Cameroonian lawyers birds of the same plumage? Was it not sensible for them too to abandon all the Courts in Southern Cameroons? Are they not traitors to our course?

          The one million dollar question I ask is will they foolishly have the courage to look into the eyes of the Bishops to judge them? Is the judiciary that they the judges adore independent? Aren’t their hands tied like those of the judge of the Supreme Court of La Republique du Cameroun who was forced to proclaim fake results in 1992 Presidential election in favour of Paul Biya? Who has given them the power under the universe to judge anointed men of God?

          I am afraid, that if they foolishly undertake that delicate mission of judging God’s anointed people, they would be judging themselves without knowing.

          Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane prayed and sweated blood, because he was afraid to drink the cup.

          This cup to judge anointed men of God is the most bitter cup to drink and only the foolish in the world would drink to have a deadly effect on them thereafter.

          It is wise to be wise and foolish to be foolish.

          The judges, I repeat should not drink the cup of wrath! They should rather allow the Supreme Commander in Chief of the arm forces, and Supreme head of the judiciary in La Republique du Cameroun to drink that bitter cup himself.

          A bon entendeur! Salut!

Signed:  Peter Forchu Chesami Ph.D.

   The National Chairman of the

    Southern Cameroons National   

    Council  (SCNC)




June 27, 2017

The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) greatly congratulates the parents of Southern Cameroons who have taken the bull by the horns by not sending their children to school for a whole year, as an indication of vexation to the world that as an annexed people to La Republique du Cameroun, the education of their children is useless without justice exercised on their children in terms of employment. Parents too have realized that they and their children are part of the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence hence they held the bull tight by the horns.national chair

          This courageous move by the Southern Cameroonian parents has been the pivot of our struggle.

          Southern Cameroonian parents equally realized in unanimity that our annexationists have become lawless by sending troops to rape their University girls right in their campus. Through education, they have understood the value of a Nation that Southern Cameroons is, the value of our independence and the deadly evils of our recolonisation by La Republique du Cameroun as dictated by France.

          Parents have realized that as a Nation whose independence was voted for by the 15th session of the UN General Assembly on the 19th April 1961, they cannot continue to live under those draconian conditions of La Republique du Cameroun, living all the time in a cool war, the fear of the unknown, in abject poverty, and the freedom to exercise their inalienable rights of existence as a people and a Nation.

Assurance: The Southern Cameroons National Council assures Southern Cameroonian parents of the bright future that Southern Cameroons holds for all, once we disentangle ourselves from the deadly tentacles of La Republique du Cameroun and France.

We would be able to build up ourselves and our image as a God fearing Nation that has human values deep at heart.          The Government of Southern Cameroons will be able to ensure a sound system of education for her citizens, give employment to her citizens, encourage and finance self help projects, encourage commerce, and undertake full scale development in our Nation in all the sectors. Our Government would be accountable and everyone would be involved in the building up of our Nation.

          The Southern Cameroons National Council doffs its hat to all Southern Cameroonians for their patriotic contributions to our struggle and regret with deep condolence some of our fallen heroes in the struggle. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Congratulations to Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora

          Congratulations to Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora who have left not even a single stone unturned. Indeed, they are doing what Napoleon left undone. The mammoth demonstration in America, in Europe, in Britain are living signs of great patriotism and all these courageous moves will go to write golden pages in the history of our Nation.

          The Southern Cameroons National Council equally congratulates all the activists who have stoically withstood the heat of our struggle for long. Some fell out because they were bribed, and a good number have continued with the struggle up to this stage.

          Our struggle has taken decades of sacrifices, and education amidst the tortures, illegal arrests, the killings and the irregularities of the Government of La Republique du Cameroun on our people.

          Our fight has been on fire for long and like Caldron, it is bubbling and overflowing to give results that would give great joy to all Southern Cameroonians.

The Buea Declaration

          When His Excellency, HRH Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, His Emminence Justice Frederick Alobwede Ebong broke to the Buea Radio Station in 1999, to announce to the world our act to the Government of La Republique du Cameroun, they thought it was a joke.

The image booster: The Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) has come like a joker in our struggle. It has really killed the spirit of our colonial masters. It has dumbfounded them. The Government of La Republique du Cameroun cannot challenge our argument and our aspirations as a Nation either in the air of times or legally. They have failed woefully in lies telling to the world. Why? Because the truths have been unveiled to the hearing of the human world, and as a matter of must, the truth must prevail!

One more step
:  It is possible that our plane can be right on our promised land, but no way to land. And for our plane to land in the most heroic and glorious way, we must entrust everything to God in prayers. And God can only help man through man. The United Nations of the world are there, even those very Nations of the world that voted for our independence are there. The United Nations is a world organization of countries that were set to promote peace and justice in the world rather than chaos. The Nations of the world like people all have souls like human beings because those Nations are made of human beings that have souls and without human beings, there would be no Nations.          Southern Cameroonians unanimously give a big thank you to our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora who have contributed by way of bringing the Southern Cameroons Television (SCTV) and the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) that have boosted our image as a Nation and has kept the Government and the lies telling Government officers of La Republique du Cameroun at bay.

          Just as human beings, they cannot farewell without other human beings, no Nation can farewell without other Nations.

          These God fearing Nations must help Southern Cameroons to cast out the devil of annexation and recolonisation from the territory of Southern Cameroons so that Southern Cameroonians can live freely and peacefully like other Nations of the world.

          And lastly, with God as the crown of our success we go down in prayer and fasting. Read continuously Psalm 70, 140, 141, 142, 143.

Our Victory Song

Christ be near at either hand

Christ behind and before us stand

Christ with us where’er we go

Christ around above below.

Christ be in our heads and minds

Christ within our souls enshrined

Christ control our wayward hearts

Christ abide and ne’er depart.

Christ our life and only way,

Christ our lantern night and day

Christ be our unchanging friend

Guide and shepherd to the end.

Christ be all our strength and might

Christ our captain for the fight

Christ fulfill our souls’ desires

Christ ennoble and inspire.

Christ the King and Lord of all

Finds us today at his call

Christ receive our service whole

Hand and body heart and soul.

Christ the King of Kings descend

And of warfare make an end

Christ on us and all below

Concord love and peace bestow.

Cameroon Hymnal 108

To God be the glory.

N.B. Our victory song to be sung by birds, trees, the winds, all Southern Cameroonians, and all living creatures in praise and thanksgiving to God and his marvels in our victory.

P/S   We heartily thank the God fearing Nations who not only sympathise with our course, but are anchoring us to victory.

Signed:  Peter Forchu Chesami Ph.D.

   The National Chairman of the

    Southern Cameroons National   

    Council  (SCNC)





                    Joel 2 Verse 25-28

Cognizance of the fact that Southern Cameroons is an independent State whose independence was granted by the 15th session of the UN General Assembly of the 19th of April, 1961,

          Cognizance of the fact that la Republique du Cameroun had her independence on the 1st of January 1960,

          Cognizance of the fact that there is no treaty of any sort binding the two Nations together, (la Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons),

          Cognizance of the fact that for over 50 years of our illegal co-existence, Southern Cameroonians have been victims of arbitrary arrests, detentions, raping and the killing of our peaceful people who are armless and helpless, with continuous perpetuation,

          Cognizance of the fact that la Republique du Cameroun’s Government is bent on destroying the people and the Nation Southern Cameroons,

          Cognizance of the fact that by the conduct of la Republique du Cameroun’s Government towards Southern Cameroonians portray  the fact that they are not God fearing,

          Cognizance of the fact that some Southern Cameroonians are holding secret meetings to betray our course of restoring our Nation and sovereignty,

          Cognizance of the fact that assimilation, annexation and recolonisation are crimes intolerable by the United Nations Charter and African Union Charters where the Government of la Republique du Cameroun are signatories,          Cognizance of the fact that independence of a Nation does not mean putting a yoke of torture, raping and killing of her citizens by another Nation,

          Cognizance of the mandate accorded to the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) to lead the people of Southern Cameroons to the peaceful restoration of their independence and sovereignty after the AAC1 and AAC2,

          Mindful of the Southern Cameroons National Council, the force of argument and not the argument of force applied by la Republique du Cameroun on Southern Cameroonians,

          Mindful of the God fearing and peaceful nature of Southern Cameroonians,

          Cognizance of the fact that Southern Cameroonians believe in Divine Justice,

          Cognizance of the fact that our aggressors are not God fearing else they would not have been shooting our citizens, constant harassment, discrimination and raping of our University students, most of the times,

          Cognizance of the seal of Divine restoration that brings the power of God over the people of Southern Cameroons and their territory,

The Southern Cameroons National Council:

  • solemnly in faith and in the presence of the most High God, the creator of people and Nations of the world,
  • in the presence of St. Michael, and the celestial choir of Seraphim,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of Cherubim,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of Thrones,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of Dominions,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of powers,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of virtues,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of principalities,
  • in the presence of the celestial choir of Archangels,
  • Duly place the seal of Divine Restoration on the Nation, Territory and People of the Southern Cameroons for God’s protection of his people from this day 30th December 2016, the year of our Lord and invoke woe on all traitors in the Southern Cameroons who are out either to mortgage or sell the Southern Cameroons for their own selfish the presence of the celestial choir of angels,
  • and in the presence of the glorious Prince of St. Michael, Chief and Commander of the Heavenly hosts,

Invoke God’s rancor and wrath on any troops sent by the Government of la Republique du Cameroun to shoot God’s peaceful, harmless and armless people.

Invoke God, the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, to let his radiance and glory cover the entire People, Nation and the Territory of Southern Cameroons,

          That as from this Divine restoration, the people of Southern Cameroons, their Nation and Territory have Divine protection.

And that attacking, killing or raping Southern Cameroonians is both provocative and a test of God’s anger.

          In faith, in testimony and in solemnity whereof this divine restoration is placed on the territory of the former UN Trust Territory of the British Southern Cameroons to serve the purpose of “raison d’être” till the end of times.

By Dr.  Peter Forchu Chesami

For and on the behalf of all Southern Cameroonians at home and in the diaspora, born and yet to be

born that they may by this protection and Divine assistance enjoy their succulent fruits as children

of God belonging to a well defined Holy Nation the Southern Cameroons, in the name of God the

Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Read and share.


SCNC National Chairman’s New Year Address To The Nation



Your Royal Highnesses,

Your Graces Arch-Bishops and Bishops

Of the British Southern Cameroons,

The Presbyterian Moderator,

Other Religious Leaders,

Political Aspirants,

Fellow Southern Cameroonians at home and in the diaspora,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It behooves me with warmth and pleasure, in my humble capacity as the National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) to address all of you, most loyal citizens of our beloved Nation, the Southern Cameroons on the occasion of this New Year, the year of our Lord beginning on the 1st of January 2017.

            Despite all the odds and woes surrounding us, we all have to thank in the most grandiose way the Almighty God for letting us see the limelight or the dawn of this New Year.

            This year is not only wonderful for us but equally remarkable. At the time that we were politically stripped stark naked and left at the crossroads of times by our neighbours la Republique du Cameroun, at the time that the Southern Cameroons National Council was lamenting due to the fact that our Nation the Southern Cameroons was almost being put extinct, at the time we thought we were great cowards, at the time that we thought that our voices could not be raised up any longer out of fear,

            Our God, the giver of life and Nations of the world, ignited a new spirit in the youths to come out massively and courageously to re-vindicate the restoration of our independence and sovereignty, not from la Republique du Cameroun, but from the United Nations that had erroneously more than half a century ago given us a fake independence. By this, I mean an independence without meaning, an independence that la Republique du Cameroun illegally using the agent of her Government and troops seized the jewelry of it and subjected our territory and people to unpardonable annexation and exploitation of our natural resources and installing fear in our hearts.

            This new spirit of Nationalism newly enkindled into us, has gone like whirl wind among us and in the diaspora.

            Fellow Southern Cameroonians, we must not relent our efforts in prayers and massive demonstrations till the Almighty God will answer us through the mighty UN and the God fearing Nations of the world that voted in the most serene manner our independence on the 19th of April 1961.

            France and la Republique du Cameroun never voted for our independence, and today, these two countries “like our God” are manipulating our fate and destroying us and our nation with impunity.

            Fortunately for us, the great nations of the world, such as the United States of America, Great Britain, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria were among the 50 member countries of the United Nations that had voted for our independence; and we are cock sure that these countries would not allow la Republique du Cameroun to continuously send troops to shoot us down, rape our University girls and exploit in the most greedy manner, day and night, including Sundays our natural resources.

            The Southern Cameroons National Council holds dearly its motto “the force of argument and not the argument of force” as practiced by the Government of President Paul Biya of la Republique du Cameroun to use brute force on us.

            For over 50 years, we have lived in hell fire, and today we say vehemently with one voice that enough is enough. They had their independence in 1960, and we had ours in 1961. There is no binding link between them and us. Independence does not mean dependence and it doesn’t mean dominion either.

            This year, fellow citizens is the year of miracle, the United Nations of the world, the harbinger of peace, and the God fearing Nations of the world, duly assigned by the most High God, will act in our favour and we shall be free forever.

            The Southern Cameroons National Council, urgently appeals to the United Nations of the world to in order to avoid further blood bath in Southern Cameroons, to implement its decolonization programme on its former U.N. Trusteeship territory that was given half baked independence that gave the opportunity to the government of la Republique du Cameroun to recolonise us.

            The Southern Cameroons National Council congratulates Honourable Wirba for his bitter, shocking but truthful pronouncements. We did not join you with war, and we will not leave you in war”.

            The Southern Cameroons is a holy Nation, a peaceful Nation, indeed the Israel of Africa. Genesis chapter 9 verse 5 says, “if anyone takes human life; he will be punished. I will punish with death any animal that takes human life. Man was like God, so whoever murders a man will himself be killed by his fellow men”.

            Fellow Southern Cameroonians, I see the radiance of our Nation shinning like gold being restored by Holy angels, a Nation flowing with milk and honey whose dividends will be shared by all Southern Cameroonians.

            God our father in heaven has dispelled for ever fear from our hearts. With God on our side, we are the conquerors.

            May God bless us and our beloved Nation, the Southern Cameroons.

            Long Live Southern Cameroons, long live a peaceful world, long live the United Nations of the world.

                        Done in Buea, the Headquarters of Southern Cameroons


      Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph.D

         SCNC National Chairman


Sell Outs Exposed


From the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) to Southern Cameroonians at home and in the Diaspora And the world at large.

More details of the dramatic struggle of those money mongers who are struggling to mortgage our Nation the Southern Cameroons or sell out the Nation and her people to the Paul Biya’s Regime of La Republique du Cameroun.

The Struggle for the Sale of Southern Cameroons Our Fatherland.

1)  Take note of the Anyangwe Gov’t restoration formed in exile.

2)  Shrinking of activists from the SCNC National Council by La Republique for financial and car awards plus lucrative job offers, buying for a Federation instead of allowing the SCNC to free Southern Cameroonians and their sovereignty from the devilish annexation by la Republique du Cameroun e.g. 9-man delegation went to the UN to petition for the matter all have been bought over by la Republique du Cameroun other than those who died naturally. Njoh Litumbe is still alive and is not with the SCNC. He was one of the first to be bought to form a Political Party with huge sums of money handed to him. His Party is L.D.A. (Liberal Democratic Alliance).

         Why is Henry Fossung on exile, he too was among the 9 man delegation. He too is so quiet.

         Why is Dr. Monzu so quiet and not with the SCNC?

         Why is Dr. Anold Yongbang so quiet who smuggled himself to UNPO to meet Chief Ayamba who took the Southern Cameroons to UNPO?

         Of the nine man delegation that went to the UN, and are alive, they are still making frantic efforts to market Southern Cameroons to la Republique du Cameroun other than joining the SCNC “the people’s mouth piece” with their motto: the force of argument to liberate the Southern Cameroons from this heinous assimilation, annexation and recolonisation by la Republique du Cameroun. All negotiations with La Republique du Cameroun are time barred.

         If Southern Cameroonians allow any group of people to negotiate any deal with la Republique du Cameroun, then the people concerned may bury the Southern Cameroons Nation forever.

         The highest bargain is going on underground between those who have political parties and hold high positions in the government of La Republique du Cameroun to sell the final product – Southern Cameroons and her people to La Republique du Cameroun for exploitation and for final slavery.

         e.g. Chiefs hoist the Cameroun flags in their Palaces and refuse their subjects from joining the ranks of SCNC.  The question is all these people activists of the S.C.N.C.?  No! But when the liberation comes, it will come like sunshine for all.

         The Guardian Post Daily published people involved in a secret dialogue with Gov’t of La Republique du Cameroun on behalf of the SCNC people who are not even members of the SCNC. People made up of Fons, teachers and politicians, and civil servants and fake civil societies e.g. Dion Ngute, a Minister with La Republique du Cameroun, Dr. Asonganyi of the S.D.F, Albert Mukong, Theodore Leke, Chief Tabetando, Ambassador Henry Fossung, Barrister Ekontang Elad, Fon Angwafor, Fon Fontem Njifua.

Ref. Guardian Post No. 1018 Friday September 23, 2016. None of these belong to the SCNC. Why are they going on the negotiation? Who has given them the mandate?

         The Times Journal No. Vol. 03 No. 171 Mon. Jan 18 2016 brings out the whole scheme of all those involved in the sale out with a fake SCNC so call as factions unify in a common front which was created in Oslo and Washington D.C. under the leadership of Njoh Litumbe and Nfor Ngala Nfor as home front leaders for Southern Cameroons. All these happened when Chief Ayamba Ette Otun was still the National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council. He was not involved.

         “The Sun” Ref. No. 0313 of Tuesday 6th May 2015 where Anglophone Lawyers who pretend to call themselves Anglophone lawyers say “Anglophone Lawyers Association is not SCNC” it means therefore that they do not have the aspirations of the SCNC at heart to liberate Southern Cameroons, otherwise they should have all fallen under the SCNC.

         Ref. The Post No. 01759 of Monday September 19th 2016 where fake SCNC launches campaign against French language signboard” which is not the aspiration of the SCNC and shall never be. Here, Mola Njoh Litumbe is equally involved who comes in with fake referendum signatory papers, what for, the SCNC does not know.

         With all these sale outs manifesting, the SCNC has no hands in all the recent demonstrations that have caused lost of souls and damages caused in our country Southern Cameroons, including the raping to death of University girls.

         The SCNC does not understand why the SCNC flag was used by people who are not fighting the course of SCNC whereas the SCNC works peacefully maintaining their motto of non violence (the force of argument and not the argument of force).

         The SCNC regrets lamentably on the souls and properties lost in Southern Cameroons.

         The SCNC was misused to achieve their professional aims rather than their struggle for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence and sovereignty.

         The SCNC warns in the strongest terms that these sale outs should not woo the population to come out and be shot down.

         The Southern Cameroonians should stay out, and wait patiently for the final restoration of our independence and sovereignty that is coming through the United Nations that had granted to us half baked independence, in charge of world peace.

         We implore the UN to complete her task on the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence which will come through the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) which is the mouth piece of the Southern Cameroonian people.

         Let the so-called conclave of leaders for Southern Cameroons desist from trying to sell out Southern Cameroons for a Federation led by Mola Njoh Litumbe and Nfor Ngala Nfor as home leaders.  Be warned that it is an expensive joke for a few individuals to think they can sell the Southern Cameroons Nation and her people.

         The person who stakes his money to buy a people and their Nation is a day dreamer because God will not allow it to work in accordance to their selfish whims and caprices.

Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph.D

The National Chairman of the

Southern Cameroons National

Council (SCNC)






 The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) adhoc Committee has resolved that the SCNC can only support the lawyers’ strike action if:

  1. i) The lawyers cease calling themselves Anglophone lawyers but refer to themselves as Southern Cameroonian lawyers.
  2. ii) If they strike for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence and sovereignty.

iii)  If Southern Cameroonian judges and magistrates join in for the same purpose.

  1. iv) If they are not asking for a federation again with La Republique du Cameroun but for our autonomy as a Sovereign Nation that paddles her own canoe herself.

       Once beaten, twice shy.

Southern Cameroonian journalists should stop calling Southern Cameroonian lawyers Anglophone lawyers because there is no Nation in the world known as Anglophone. Not all Anglophone lawyers are Southern Cameroonians.


Peter Forchu Chesami, Ph.D

The National Chairman of the

Southern Cameroons National

Council (SCNC)