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The acting National chairman of the Southern Cameroon National Council “SCNC) Dr Peter Forchu Chesami communicates as follows:
That concerning the state burial that would be accorded to our National Hero His Excellency, HR,H Chief Ayamba Ette Otun,
1.   That not only have Southern Cameroonians lost their father, leader, patriot and Statesman, we have lost a man who loved every Southern Cameroonian deep in his heart, and used every atom of  his energy to fight our course.
2.   He had paid very expensively the price of our freedom by the many arrests and detentions he had from the suppressive forces of La Republique du Cameroun, including 14 months of detention is an underground imprisonment.
Despite this, even more than a Spartan he had kept the flame of our struggle burring across the universe.
3.   Many Southern Cameroonians are not even aware of his passing into eternal glory, whereas. They should. It is an obligation that they should.
4.   All Southern Cameroonians need to work like one man for our freedom to follow.
5.   Any treachery from any Southern Cameroonian(s) as regards our struggle for the restoration  of our independence and sovereignty is not only anathema but treason.
6.   All Southern Cameroonians including their lawyers should interpret the restoration law of 1984/01  signed in parliament and should stand stoically  on their feet and the right of restorations just as La Republique  du Cameroun did,
7.   That all Southern Cameroonian lawyes should come in their professional attire to honour the departed Stateman.
8.   That the Southern Cameroons independence voted by 50 member countries of the United Nation on the 19th of April 1961 during the 15th session of the  UN  General Assembly was not a joke and cannot  be undermined by an individual or a Nation. 
9.   That no country in the world has ever had its independence and sovereignty thwarted as in the case the British southern Cameroons. 
10.               That our lawyers and intellectuals must not stay away from the   struggle.
11.               That every Southern Cameroonian should  shed a drop of tears for  
        His Excellency, HR,H Chief Ayamba Ette Otun our departed statesman and  father who had staked his life for our Nation
12.               His echoing message to all Southern Cameroonians is that “ Thetruth will set us free” Once a Nation, ever a Nation.Independence no where on earth means dependence, and Southern Cameroons independence cannot mean dependence, Re-colonisation and annexation.
13.  Burial has been scheduled for Saturday 26th July 2014.
14.   Sothern Cameroonians should make every effort to be present at the burial in order to give the honour it deserves for what he was.
15.  All delegations should come with their food and drinks as it would be practically impossible to feed or entertain the thousand of mourners who shall be there from all parts of the world.
16.  All Southern Cameroonians constitute the Sothern Cameroons treasury. And from this treasury we shall remove money to buy the state coffin,  and as a member country of unrepresented Nations and peoples organization (UNPO) we must pay our arcued   UNPO dues, Sponsor a state cocktail party for V.I.P.S  and foreign personnels and lastly to alleviate any financial lapses caused on the family by his continuous struggle for our course and his arrests and detentions.
17.  The British Southern Cameroons constitutes a people with a district cultural indentify that cannot  go extinct. God for bids ! Southern Cameroon in the Israel of Africa !
18.  The truth of our statehood, independence, and sovereignty an Impeccable under the universe like the glittering sun, and only the force of the devil can attempt to rob us of the truth.
19.  But we   are all Sons of the universe. In as much as we vow for peace and Trust in our God who is  the God of Justice and of all the Nations under the universe, we as a nation are protected under Divine law and Divine Justice and under National and International law.
20. Our God’s anger  is already at a high pitch after all the death that have been orchestrated on our citizens right in our own country by La Republique du Cameroun. The worse may happen on who ever
 strives to  do  evil on our Nation.
21. To all Southern Cameroonians great or small, come with some financial sacrifice for your beloved Nation in accordance to your blessings. Don’t be left behind.” Take your own eye chop chrismas”
 You will be chanced to see our independence monument and the reason why we must celebrate our independence day as declared by the 15th session General Assembly of the United Nations on the 19th of April 1961 at 3:15pm.
22.   Remember the great historical population ever welded by Martin Luther King in the United States of America. When he fought against apartheid in that country.  The Southern Cameroons National council (SCNC) wants this   unprecedented population to consolidate our history and our identity to the world. It is time for mourning our father and we must do it and in the most solemn manner
23.  We expect all Southern Cameroonians to be orderly and gentlemanly despite their numbers. Orderliness indeed is an aspect of or culture
Many thanks in advane.  
Deo Volentè
Dr Peter  Forchu Chesami
Acting National  chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) member country of unrepresented Nations and peoples organization (UNPO)